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Latest Entry: Saturday, July 29, 2017

One-Ingredient Diet: Day 6

So far, I’m still on successful. Cheating would only include croutons for salad. I allowed for them since the amount is small, and come on, you can’t have a salad without croutons! Notably, I did forgo cheese since the package has about 18 ingredients. Yeah, in cheese.

Miraculously, I haven’t touched cereal. it’s not something I eat every day anyway, but sometimes it’s nice to chow down on Apple Jacks. Forgoing bread isn’t easy either, though not as bad as I figured. Morning toast would be nice. Or afternoon bread and butter. Or a nice sandwich for dinner. Yeah, I miss bread. But potatoes or rice does make an okay substitute.

What’s shocking is I’ve had virtually no sweets. No candy at all. No ice cream. No cake or cookies. I was doing a long run Wednesday and about eight miles in, found I had some candy in my running pouch. A snack would have been divine then, but no. This also means I can’t bring power bars on my runs either. Stuff like that was great for an energy refuel. Now, I’ll have to just bring nuts and dried fruit. Maybe cooked bacon or something too.

And no beer so far. That’s particularly due to not having any on hand. I’m tempted to buy a six-pack. What helps me refrain is just the super high calorie content of the kind of beer I most enjoy: IPAs. A glass of wine has less calories (well, 4 ounces at least) and lasts a while longer.

I’m finding that this eating plan cuts my calorie levels way down. It’s so much easier to keep intake under control when one isn’t grazing on sweets all day. A large apple doesn’t have too many calories, and it fills up a stomach pretty fast.

Biggest accomplishment: no soda. Sure, I miss it a lot, but coffee and water get me buy.

So the results from this (after five days at least):

Nothing really.

I feel about the same. No extra energy. No less. This is what I pretty much expected though. I’ll likely continue it in some form after the week ends. If nothing else, it’s allowed me to drop a few pounds.

But I do have some sweets to get rid of.

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