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Latest Entry: Wednesday, January 18, 2017


(Contains SPOILERS: Don’t read if you’re not 100% caught up)

So he’s dead.

Pretty sure he’s dead.

Has to be at this point.

Still not 100% sure though.

Reasons he might not be:

1. We never saw the body afterwards.

2. Pretty huge character for the show. Might not be the same without him.

Reasons he likely is:

1. They already did a “fake out” twice—even with his death. Three times seems excessive.

2. There’s no precedent of why he could survive deadly snakes.

3. Many omens from the “stranger” appearing to his kin.

4. Actor says he’s not returning (granted the Jon Snow actor did the same)

5. Speaking of that, Ragnar’s return would be a copy of the “GoT” storyline.

6. “Walking Dead” also had a fake death.

7. As of Jan 11, we now had people around the death site. I would imagine someone would have noticed a missing body. That said, what did they do with the body? Why didn’t they show inside the pit? To bring the audience there for no real reason is even more confusing.

8. He murdered a great deal of kin. Hard to be a hero now.

I anticipated he would team up with King Aelle to wage war south against Ecbert. But Aelle was pretty mad from things past. And it’s hard to fault him for wanting execution; he wasn’t duplicitous as the others were. Just got invaded, had his people slaughtered and wanted justice. Fair enough.

The supported cast is still good. Though still, no one has quite the same depth and holds the same interest as Ragnar. Quite a change and maybe the biggest cast loss since Athelstan. Will be fun to see what happens next. Still so much opportunity with the show.

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