I only write what I don’t care if the world reads. It’s sort of similar to a captain entering information in the captain’s log. Alas, I don’t have great sea battles and sunken treasure to write about, but an occasional anecdote does get entered if I’m feeling up to it. Check it out! Or don’t. I’m easy like that.

Latest Entry: Friday, April 07, 2017

March, 2017

Murder Mysteries

Well, it’s singular. We only had one: “Murder by Merlot” on March 4. Good show as always. This was in Santa Rosa at the Tudor Rose Tea Room. I played Dr. William Beabore once again. I carpooled with Jeff so we hit a couple of wineries on the way up there (Rodney Strong and Sapphire Hill). I bought a bottle at each place, but since they were on or over $20 each, they’ll be saved for special occasions.

Yeah, that’s the target line: $20

Stage Theatre

Another performance event for March was the fundraiser for Role Players Ensemble. We had a few more rehearsals and then the big event. It was one night only and did very well. I had a wonderful time from start to finish.


I’m still at it. I managed to hit the 300-mile mark a few days earlier. The month also included a couple of 20-plus mile runs, which were not easy.


I had stopped for several weeks, so I made a change to my program. It was just too much. Each workout had too many exercises so in the end, it reduced my desire to even begin a workout. I went back to basics and crated a workout of just 4 exercises. This was what I needed to keep things going. I was able to then complete that workout for about 10 days in a row, and it helped me get the longer workouts back into rotation.

Calorie Tracking

My program is making big progress. I had a great deal of the coding done, and I’ve even begun an iPhone app. There are now several ways to get the calories entered.


No auditions at the moment. I considered the Woodminster one but also wasn’t sure where I was going to be in the summer time. There weren’t any other shows I thought would work well for me. But time will tell.

Job Search

Still looking for a good match. Still trying to avoid the programming jobs if possible. It’s not that I hate that kind of work, but if I can do something more creative, then so much the better.

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