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Latest Entry: Monday, April 25, 2016


From auditions to …

Ah, the perfect summer show. I saw a local community theatre company doing “Ragtime,” and thought, “Say! This could work.” You see, I had done the show in 2009 and had a fine time. Granted, there was heavy drama involved in it back then—with someone even boycotting the show, getting dropped, and then trying to convince others to quit the production (no one did), which was entertaining, but not really great for the production, so yeah, doing it again would be nice. And as written, it’s a great work.

I arranged an audition slot and showed up on time.

(Though it was close.)

Though that was a moot point since it was running a bit behind, which is the norm. A savvy actor always expects a little waiting time. And it was not much. I was singing and saying, “Thanks” in no time at all.

I waited a few days and then got the callback email. Sweet. It was for the two parts I had written down. A nice surprise.

The two parts were for “Father” and “Younger Brother.” Both are great roles. Father probably has the most options for walking down new territory, though Brother has some fun angst to examine. Aside from Coalhouse and Tateh, that really sums up the adult male principals. The ensemble is used a lot, though, which is not always a given in modern musicals.

Whether F or YB is a good fit for yours truly is not for me to say. I only write down what I think I’d enjoy doing, or could perhaps contribute to. The rest is for the powers that be.

The callback was fun. Long of course, though they all are. We did a dance routine and then it was the waiting game to read sides and sing songs. If one is an avid actor, it’s a huge plus to be an avid reader as well. However, for that night, I I mainly worked on memorizing my sides and songs. Always fun to obsess.

The night ended late and work was in the morning, so I drove home and waited for the final response, having no idea what to expect. Competition was strong, and one is often also competing against everyone in the area who could be called in. Just a phone call away. Harsh, but true.

The call came a six days later.

“Houdini” was offered.


Yes, yes, a fine role. A fine role.

But , but, but…I had already done the role once and while it’s a good part, it’s also a tough one to take in any completely new direction. I mean you’re trying to recreate a person from the past. Unless Attempt A was a compete disaster, then Attempt B might not be prudent.

Conversely, it is always an opportunity to explore and wander around in any role, and again, it’s a great show—with assuredly a great cast—in a great theatre—with great folks.

Enough smoke. Enough banter. The bottom line?

It was a tough choice—a very tough choice.

In the end, I did decline.

It was not so much the opportunity (or boundaries) of the part, but rather the commitment involved. “Ragtime” started right away, and I wasn’t really prepared to donate that much time so soon. For the roles, I had written down, well, okay, sacrifices could be made. I mean I would be covering new ground. Tradeoffs for the art and all that. For a role I had done before, it wasn’t so easy. It’s easy to forget, but time is one of our most precious resources. And when you’re fully employed, there’s not a lot left to allocate each day. Choose wisely.

As well, I still have a great deal of planning to do for London. And another show means a lot of committed time until I essentially get on the plane. (Excuses, excuses, I hear you, J.)

Plus, I’m on a fitness roll right now (pardon the pun). Each alternating day has been a rewarding workout. Hard to stop that considering it took years to get back to a working program. With 6:30pm call times, that’s out the door and let’s face it, midnight workouts with 7:30am work meetings are not a good fit.

I feel like it was the right call, but by no means an easy call.

All part of the game.

The Game of Theatre.

And wow, that looks pretty corny, now that I see it written down.

I could erase it, but there is too much to do. Another journey to go on.

Journey On.

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